Starting Your Career in Television

The Television Industry needs capable and dedicated people to work in this exciting and rewarding industry. The Advance Academy Program is a “Job Ready” pathway for all new entrants to television industry.

Developing your Career in Television

The Advance Career-Path Program offers a variety of courses that will equip you to explore opportunities for promotion or transfer into other areas of the industry. The Advance Career-Path Program is training by television industry experts

Embracing Opportunities. Scaling New Heights

About Us

Advance Television Academy is introducing a lasting solution to the significant issue of training across the regional Television industry. The most accomplished and highly respected subject experts, each with many decades of hands on experience across the industry, author Advance’s courses and training programs. Over the last decade, Advance training has resulted in the introduction of hundreds of new entrants to the industry in Australia and Asia. Many Advance alumni are now highly accomplished employees within the regional Television industry.

Featured Courses

Television Essentials

The Advance Television Essentials Course teaches the student everything they need to know about the television industry. It’s a must-do course for anyone currently working in the industry or those keen to start their career in television.

Production Management

The Advance Television Production Management course provides the student with a detailed knowledge of the functions and individual roles within the Television Production Management Unit. The Production Unit comprises the managers responsible for making television content.

Entertainment Production

Entertainment Programs like Idol, The Voice and Got Talent, to name a few, are typical of the amazing results created by highly skilled Entertainment Production personnel.

Sports Production

All aspects of the television production workflow associated with key regional sports will be covered in the Advance Television Sports Production course. The student will learn the roles of the crew from the Producer, Director, Camera, Sound, and Record/Replay etc. through to the various Assistants’ roles employed in the telecast of these sports.

News Production

The Advance Television News Production course provides the student with a detailed knowledge of all aspects of the production of breaking or evolving local and world news.

Television Management

Good management is a key factor in any successful industry and Television is no exception. The Advance Television Management course allows students to explore the key roles within Executive Management, Programming, Promotions, Finance, Transmission & Engineering, along with many others.

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